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Burning the May Tree: The Sacrifice of Jim Morrison

1st Edition, April 2019

by Chris M. Balz (Author). Edited by Glenn Edward Smith (Editor) and Jay Scrivner (Assitant Editor). Illustrations by Forrest Gray.

Explains the history and significance of the rock band The Doors in terms of Jim Morrison's published poetry. A great way to get started with Jim's poetry and Doors history!

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Format: Digital (160 pages). Language: English.

First Edition winner of Stanford University's Robert Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities.

One of the root aspects is that the book really isn't about The Doors per se, it's about a dynamic in modern culture.  The Doors just were the first, best example of it!  But the idea is to let The Doors become a bridge to understanding that more vague-seeming subject.

Editorial Reviews

"Congratulations on winning the Robert Golden Award for your wonderful thesis. . . . I was delighted with the paper . . ."
Frank Lisciandro, Editor of Wilderness and The American Night (books of Jim Morrison's posthumously published poetry), on the first edition.

What really happened at the great debacle of The Doors, the Miami concert - and why?

What is the mass sacrificial spectacle and how are The Doors related to it?

Reader Reviews

"Great Book! Truly A Must Have For Any Real Doors Fan! Very Prompt Shipping!"
- eBay buyer lazyjays (eBay feedback item on this page)
"this is very eye-opening. Thanks I'll prob. read it a couple more times..."
- eBay buyer salparadise421 (eBay feedback item on this page)
"Thanks for personal autograph* of this book & All Good Wishes to you. A+A+A+A+"
- *Note: Autograph only available on the non-digital (paper) format of the current edition, which is planned but not currently available. Feedback is from eBay buyer babydoll*lila*bunny (eBay feedback item on this page)

Robert M. Golden Medal Description

The actual medal won by the first edition of the book The Mass Sacrificial Spectacle: The Doors in Poetry and History is shown below.

The bronze RWG Medal, front. The bronze RWG Medal, back.

Here is a description of the rigorous criteria applied in awarding these medals:

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